November 30, 2022

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Energy demand nearing capacity, excessive heat warnings in

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – Record-breaking temperatures continue to heat up, with excessive heat warnings in place into the weekend.

The pinpoint weather team is predicting temperatures as high as 105 degrees, which has many ready to sit in the air conditioning. But, some experts are heeding the warning to conserve energy as concerns of power outages are looming.

The ERCOT supply and demand projections are holding a tight margin. Even peaking past 80,000 megawatts on Friday.

Texas A&M Health Science Center Associate Professor, Jason McKnight, says the groups to pay attention to in the heat are children and the elderly.

“The reason why health care providers and even electrical companies worry about this is definitely there are some groups that if you lose power, even if it’s not hot outside, you could have detrimental effects on their health, and even you know, cause death,” McKnight said.

He encourages everyone to maintain proper hydration and body temperature in order to avoid heat-related illnesses or injuries.

“If you see your kid, you know really flushed up sweating profusely, they start complaining of you know cramps or they start complaining about a headache. You know those are signs that it’s time to come out of the heat,” he said.

There is another group who can be heavily reliant on electricity in order to maintain their health.

“Seniors are a little bit more intolerant to heat,” Senior Helpers Owner, Laurie Griggs, said. “There’s a lot of fear.”

Griggs and other senior care groups worry for their clients when they hear warnings of extreme temperatures.

“There are some medications that require refrigeration, the client may be dependent on a lift chair to get up and down, a lot of clients require oxygen and they have the concentrators that are providing that oxygen for them,” she said.

Griggs encourages anyone who loses power to check on their elderly neighbors to make sure they are prepared for the outage. A statement from ERCOT says they are forecasted to meet demand this weekend and will continue to deploy tools to manage the grid reliability.

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