September 25, 2022

Dops Sagar

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Healthy Office Spring Cleaning Tip: Focus on Germ Areas

Winter is over, and with the springtime comes the end of another cold & flu season. Unfortunately, many of the winter germs may still be hiding around your office, where they lie in wait to infect unsuspecting people who come into contact with them.

While a neat, clean and organized office is always good for keeping the workspaces environmentally healthy, some extra spring cleaning in the right places can really help to freshen the place up. Now is a good time to focus your office cleaning on areas where germs are most likely to lurk.

The Break Room / Kitchen

This is the place where employees handle food, drinks, and snacks, so it is important to keep it as clean as possible. Your break room or kitchen sink is likely to be a breeding ground to more bacteria than any other location outside of the bathroom. Special attention should be given to sanitizing the sink, faucet, sponges, countertops, utensil drawer and cabinet handles. The refrigerator should be thoroughly cleaned out and any forgotten items disposed of. Don’t forget the coffee maker, these are known to be especially prone to bacteria buildup.

The Bathroom

The toilet is usually thought of as the most germ-infested place in the bathroom, but other areas people touch may actually be harboring more bacteria. While it is especially important to keep the toilet and sink area clean, put some extra effort into sanitizing any other areas people are going to touch, such as faucet handles, door knobs, and soap and towel dispensers.

The Reception Area

This is one of the highest traffic areas in an office, which makes it especially prone to germs and bacteria. Visitors going in and out all day are constantly introducing threats to employees’ health. All fixtures and furniture in your reception area should always be kept clean. A bottle of hand sanitizer kept at the front desk gives visitors a handy way to kill germs, not only on the way into your office, but on the way out and after handling magazines in the waiting area as well.

The Office Desks

Why would the office desks be a place to worry about germs? This is the place people go when they come in from the outside, and when they return from visiting the bathroom and break room. The germs brought back on hands ends up all over desks, keyboards, mice, phones, chairs, and office supplies.

Many people are also fond of eating lunch and enjoying snacks while sitting at their desks. Sanitizing the desk areas, and especially keyboards and computer mice will help to prevent germs from spreading around the office.

Simple office cleaning or a more thorough deep cleaning with janitorial services gives every business a fresh appearance. While not every office is completely free of germs, these tips can help you keep a cleaner, healthier, and fresher-smelling work environment for everyone. If you don’t have someone on staff to help with the cleaning tasks, consider hiring a professional cleaning service for seasonal jobs or regular cleaning maintenance.