September 25, 2022

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House Building Analogy of Essential Micronutrients

To commence from the basic principles:

  • Our human bodies are produced up of heaps of cells – eye cells, skin cells, bone cells, etc.
  • These cells need nutrients, sourced from the diet plan, to have out their everyday capabilities, to mature and to replicate
  • Specified features call for really specific nutrition, these types of that if they aren’t obtainable, the functions can not be carried out

We can analogize this to the building of a dwelling. Each house is going to have a checklist of required materials that consist of:

  • Sand and cement, for concrete
  • Bricks
  • Glass windows
  • Roof tiles and picket beams for the roof
  • and so on

Some of these elements are non-necessary. For illustration, picture you need to have a number of diverse lengths of wooden for the roof, and some lesser items really don’t arrive. Which is ok, you can cut the even bigger kinds into smaller items and you have solved the difficulty.

Having said that, consider your glass windows do not arrive… that’s a difficulty. That are not truly any other components you can substitute in their spot.

There is a similar matter likely on with crucial micronutrients and our cells.

For our cells to assemble a protein, they need sure constructing blocks accessible.

1 case in point are amino acids (which as soon as chained jointly, we call protein). Some of the amino acids are crucial, even though other people are non-crucial. The crucial kinds we *have* to get from the diet plan, although the non-essential kinds we can make from other pieces of our food plan (most are synthesized from glucose).

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For human beings there are somewhere around 40 vital micronutrients:

  • Nutritional vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Amino Acids
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Choline

For the distinct breakdown of each and every group, see this write-up on Bruce Ames’ triage theory.

Triage theory is this plan, which was demonstrated via scientific experimentation, that our bodies will triage their use of critical micronutrients when they commence to operate lower.

For case in point, imagine that you are not finding significantly selenium in your diet program. Selenium is essential to create selected proteins in the system. If your entire body does not have much selenium, then it will basically priortize making use of the selenium for proteins that are considered far more essential to survival and reproduction. Indicating that less vital proteins get de-prioritized. See this research for a lot more specifics.

Spherical Up

  • The human entire body requirements specified micronutrients like amino acids, natural vitamins and minerals in order to functionality.
  • Some mironutrients it can make (synthesize) from other items, whilst as micronutrients it *has* to get from the food plan.
  • If it simply cannot get those micronutrients from the eating plan, certain cellular capabilities really do not consider location. This can direct to untimely ageing, as outlined in Bruce Ames’ Triage Concept (connection).