September 25, 2022

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LJ100 vs Tongkat Ali – Details Explained

LJ100 is an extracted form of Tongkat Ali that is stronger when when compared like for like.

The principal bioactive component inside of Tongkat Ali are peptides termed Eurypeptides.

For LJ100 they have standardized their method these types of that it is 22% Eurypeptides.

Whilst normal Tongkat Ali is believed to consist of 2% to 4% Eurypeptides

Value Comparison

Tongkat Ali can be ordered from a number of brand names. In this case in point we’re likely to look at it from the DoubleWood brand.

Their Tongkat Ali Elaborate has 120 capsules that comprise 500mg of Tongkat Ali every single – so 60g in total.

While their LJ100 merchandise is made up of 120 capsules at 100mg each individual – so 12g in overall.

At deal with value, the non-extracted type consists of a lot more Tongkat Ali. However, if we estimate that it includes between 2% – 4% Eurypeptides, then it is 5-10x weaker than the extracted type.

Which means that LJ100 would have related amounts of Eurypeptides to about 60 – 120g of frequent Tongkat Ali.

Beneath are examples of pricing for the two:

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is the title of a plant located in South East Asia that has been utilised in traditional herbal medication.

It was used for a range of illnesses, such as to enhance sexual wish and function.

In the early 2000s scientists began learning whether it could raise testosterone in a clinical placing – and their results have been promising.

What is LJ100?

LJ100 is the brand name title of an extract of Tongkat Ali that has exclusively been researched in the context of boosting testosterone production. The substances of take note are:

  • 40% Glyco Saponins
  • 28% Eurypeptides

It has been patented (see patent #7,132,117), and is made by a firm known as HP Components who are dependent in Florida. They source the plant alone from Malaysia, and it is processed in a Malaysian GMP factory. Once the solution is accomplished, it is provided wholesale to nutritional supplement organizations to include to their branded merchandise.

Spherical Up

Ideally the higher than clarifies on the variations among LJ100 and normal Tongkat Ali. If you have received any further inquiries, remember to go away them down below in the remarks.