September 25, 2022

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Rhonda Patrick Covid Supplement Regimen (2020)

With the concern and stress of Covid the good news is behind us, I wished to build an archive of the nutritional supplement routine Rhonda applied all through Covid.

(For Rhonda’s present-day nutritional supplement program, see this publish)

Back again in Rhonda’s March 2020 Q&A she experienced switched her whole supplement regime up to concentrate on immune aid.

Covid was continue to new then, and she was “throwing the kitchen sink” at it.

As the perceived threat lessened, she eased off quite a few of them, but continued taking 2 higher-dose vitamin C and Quercetin.

The comprehensive checklist of Rhonda’s early 2020 health supplements for immune assist, with Covid in intellect was:

  • Vitamin C – 1-2 grams, 4x for every working day
  • Quercetin– 250 mg/daily
  • Zinc – 15mg/every day (on prime of the 25mg in her multivitamin)
  • N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) – 1200 mg/every day
  • Liposomal Glutathione – 500 mg/day-to-day
  • Sulforaphane – by using Prostaphane and Moringa

In this put up I don’t go into detail on all of these dietary supplements, but I’ve incorporated some facts on vitamin C and Quercetine.

This is because (alongside with points like Zinc and Selenium) these two are notably relevant for combating viral infections heading ahead.

Vitamin C

With immune function in mind, Rhonda did a deep dive into the literature on vitamin C – creating a big Vitamin-C subject website page on her site.

Her research began with some skepticism, but soon after pouring through the knowledge, she turned confident it’s positive aspects are appreciable.

Rhonda spoke at duration about vitamin C supplementation at 59mins 10secs of her March 7 Q&A for crowd sponsors.

In phrases of which sort to acquire, Rhonda was getting it as regular ascorbic acid. She has not viewed any convincing proof that it demands to be taken alongside flavonoids or in a liposomal type. Not to point out the liposomal kind is appreciably additional high-priced.

Rhonda hasn’t specified which brand of vitamin C she favors, but typically she opts for models like Thorne – Ascorbic Acid or Pure Encapsulations – Ascorbic Acid. Both have 1g (1,000mg) for every capsule.

Rhonda’s Dosage: .5-1 gram intermittently in evenings


Quercetin is a naturally developing plant polyphenol, observed in compact portions in foods these kinds of as capers, cilantro, kale and additional (see list).

Rhonda is specifically intrigued in quercetin for the exploration suggesting it may possibly act as a “zinc ionophore” – assisting to get zinc into cells, which can be usually difficult. This relates to the thought that zinc could inhibit viral replication.

“Ionophores”, by the way, are substances which can transportation particular ions throughout a lipid membrane in a cell.

Rhonda was supplementing 250 mg per dose. She didn’t mention which particular manufacturer she is applying, but normally she opts for manufacturers like Pure Encapsulations  – Quercetin or Thorne Study – Quercetin.

Rhonda’s Dosage: 250 mg intermittently

On the matter of quercetin, Rhonda has also taken up consuming Buckwheat Tea, which includes quercetin in smaller amounts.

In addition to staying a zinc ionophore, quercetin also has senolytic houses, which Rhonda talks about additional on Instagram in this article (senolytics are compounds that can remove senescent cells).

If you’re new to Buckwheat tea, and would like to try it, you’d be on the lookout for a roasted blend (relatively than uncooked) which provides out far more flavor.


Above we have lined the dietary supplements that Rhonda took at the peak of Covid in early 2020.

If you’ve any queries or reviews, make sure you go away them down below.